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"Well Done" Children - Spring 2014


April 2014


04 April 2014

Ali, Ethan, Oliver, Matthew, Brandon, Chloe, Kendra.

For working really hard in English and Maths. For using good manners and learning lots of space facts!
Abdulla, Nathan, Ashley, Amaan, Anya, Keiran, Chloe, Joseph, Libertie.

For being a leader of lovely manners on educational visits, for excellent acting skills in class assemblies and for being proactive in their learning.


March 2014


28 March 2014

Ibrahim, Yakub, Kodie, Morgan, Bronson, Lucy, Keeley-Jo, Adam, Macie, Robert.

These children have been in the Well Done book this week for great efforts in Maths, English reading and writing!
Huney, ava, Sophie, Furqan, Amelie, Robyn, Katie.

These children have been in the well done book this week for being super scientists, independent readers, and improved participation in all areas of their learning. 


21 March 2014

Kane, Arian, Callum, Callum, Bronson, Georgina, Katie, Liam, Benni

For persistent effort and great improvements in writing and for excellent behaviour and asking lots of questions on educational visits.
Lucy-Mae, Kinsley, Jamie, Roha, Angel, Paige, Freya

For fantastic efforts in all areas of school work showing beautiful handwriting. Also for showing excellent body language and being a positive role model to other children in our school.


14 March 2014

Sarpreet, Kayleigh, Adam, Abigail, Muhammed Ameen, Kacey, Harvey, Joe, Morgan, Daniel

For having a brilliant attitude to learning, improved efforts to answer questions and being super talking partners.
Reece, Kady-Leah, Ruby, Saffa, Maisha, Gracie, Star

For excellent effort and attitude in all aspects of school life. 


07 March 2014

For persistence in their learning especially Maths and English and for making positive behaviour choices. For making a real effort to improve their work, for learning poetry for class assemblies, and for being persistent and proactive in school life.


February 2014


21 February 2014

These children have been in the well done book this week for persistent effort, paying more attention to detail in their work and always trying their best!

Hudson, Aassir, Hayden, Alexi, Jacob, Harvey, Angel Sara, Owen, Alex, Callum, Libertie, Jack, Lewis, Adam, Neve, Maariyah (absent)


14 February 2014

Ammarah, Harman, Adam, Lewis, Jordan, Kadie, Gabriel, Adam, Ashleighrose, Ella - For excellent effort in their written work and for fabulous support in class assemblies, positive attitudes and cheery smiles. Katie, Phoebe, Savannah, Rosie, Kieran, Samuel, Freddie - For being active learners, and working hard in their phonics and writing lessons


07 February 2014

For being proactive in their learning, trying so hard in all areas of their work and improving their presentation skills. 

Banita, McClay, Leah, Max, Hayden, Brayden, Jacob, Bobbi, Robin, Ben Zara, Harris, Joel, Brandon, Mazie, Haroon, Katie


January 2014


31 January 2014

For improved effort in their independent work, and coming to school with a smile 

Banita, Luke, Ryan, Sophie, Ameena, Jelena, Izzy, Jamie, Ethan, Abbi Viren, Alannah, Aqsa, Mazie, Jamison, Hamza, Roha
For perfect manners and 100% effort in their learning For improved effort in their independent work, and coming to school with a smile 


27 January 2014

These children are in the well done book this week for being leader's of their own learning - in school and out on educational visits. 



20 January 2014

These children have been in the well done book this week for fantastic work in the English lessons, and for superb effort in Maths.

Ellie, Jordan, Alfie, Finley, Paige, Suliman, Raees Finlay, Millie, Ashley, Zeeshan, Ellie- Rose, Jack, Sinead, Liam, Umayr, Jed


10 January 2014

These children are in the Well Done Book this week for having an excellent attitude in their learning and having super communication skills.

Alexis, Joshua, Jolie-Mai, Liam, Alfie, Megan, Zara Bradley, Louis, Ahmed, Jade, Stephen, Georgina, Isabel, Jacob, Morgan, Hollie