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"Well Done" Children - Summer 2014

July 2014


23 July 2014

Asia, Rio, Ruby, Harry, Kaden, Robyn,

Bobbi, Michael, Lewis, Jack, Adela, Kane, Callum, Evie, Grace, Joshua

These children have been in the Well done book this week for being outstanding learners all year.
Freya was given a special award by Miss Rowbotham today for having 100% attendance for the past 6 years!! Well done Freya - you received a £20 book token and had a special lunch at the Stansfield Arms with Miss Wrightson and a friend.  


21 July 2014

Reece, Ruby, Jolie-Mai, Amy, Sayhan, Lewis, Saiorse

For working so hard all year, putting a lot of effort into their learning and for always having a smile on their faces!

Lucy, Salma, Kasie, Charlie, Amaan, Isobel, Kane, Callum, Ellis, Adal

For showing great enthusiasm in their learning all year, for making great behaviour choices in and out of school and for being positive role models in our school. 


11 July 2014

Evie, Kyle, Joshua, Brooke, Sayhan, Harvey, Megan

For improved behaviour and fantastic effort on all lessons

Maddison, Elisa, Hayden,. Lucy, Harvey, Freya, Macie, Hollie 

For great efforts in all areas of school life and for having a fantastic attitude and high level of confidence.


04 July 2014 - Leadership Day
These children have been nominated the most times in their class Leader in Me book

Regen, Callum, Sophia, Harmanpreet, Anya, Charlie, Ellie-Louise, Shawnee, Liam, Zahra, Evie, Alissa, Phoebe, Harvey, Carrie



June 2014


13 June 2014

Sarpreet, Salman, Esa, Morgan, Hayden, Chloe, Holly, ben, Ellie, Aisha

For showing mature behaviour, super written work and fabulous IT skills!

Aimee, Alishba, Sana, Furqan,Kieran, Harvey, Anisa

For showing great confidence and sensitivity on educational visits, excellent work in RE, and fantastic effort in maths.


06 June 2014

Sara, Dylan, Kodie, Jodie-Leigh, Mollie, Lucy, Nathan, Lewis, Bethany, Rhyanne .


These children are in the Well Done Book this week for being independent, overcoming their fears, working hard and improving their efforts.

Ellie - Mae, Joel, Zach, Hannah, Anisa.



These children have been in the Well done book this week for improved efforts, being good Leaders.


May 2014


23 May 2014

Ocean, Aassir, Joshua, Lily-May, Liam, Piotreek, Sahara

For learning with a smile, enthusiastic participation in Streetdance lessons, being kind and helpful to others and having positive attitudes to their learning.
Shahd, Millie, Sunil, Jade, Charlie, Amiah, Krystian, Ben, Ellis, Laiba

For consistent hard work in their lessons, improved hand writing and superb contributions in lessons.


16 May 2014

Aland, Harvey, Aidan, Kayla, Sameera, Piotrek, Sophie

For improved efforts in maths and reading. For having lovely manners and positive attitudes.
Jessica, Nathan, Kamani, Codie, Poppy, Aisha, Coleby, Joe, Neve, Tiegan

For great efforts in English, maths and homework projects. Also carrying their own weather, always smiling being polite and kind. 



09 May 2014

Lacey-Mai, Sophie, Abigail, Oliver, Codey, Ruby, Carl

These children are in the well done book for settling into school life, for improved effort writing, and for being proactive.
Kelsey, Kasey, Kolsuma, Saffron, Nathan, Liam, Jake , Millie -ann

These children have been in the well done book this week for fantastic assembly performances and consistent improvement with effort in their English and Maths lessons. 


02 May 2014

Aiden, Kyle, Sana, Brandon, Corben, Alex, Amrit

These children have been in the Well Done book this week for improved effort in writing, improved behaviour, being good role models and using lovely manners
Ella, Ruby, Lily, Ellie - Louise, Kieran, Amiah, Tyler, Jamie, Rhyanne, Jacob

These children have been in the Well Done book this week for improved effort in writing, trying really hard with handwriting and key words, and excellent attitudes to all areas of school life