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Additionally Resourced Centre (ARC) for the Deaf


Swain House Primary School's Additionally Resourced Centre (ARC)

The ARC at Swain House Primary School is a specialist provision for Deaf and hearing impaired children across the Bradford district and neighbouring authorities. The ARC at Swain House caters for children who require an auditory oral/aural approach to communication or British Sign Language (BSL).

Within the ARC, children have access to qualified Teachers of the Deaf (ToDs), Specialist Support Workers (SSWs), Deaf Instructors (DIs) and a Speech and Language Therapist (SALT). In addition to human resources and expertise the school has been refurbished and extended with most advantageous acoustic specifications. ARC pupils have access to digital radio aids and soundfield systems to ensure the optimum listening conditions.

The ARC at Swain House Primary School provides:

  • An individual, personalised learning programme, following the National Curriculum, devised and taught by a qualified, designated Teacher of the Deaf (ToD) or supported in class by Specialist Support Workers (SSWs)
  • A robust approach to assessment and target setting in order to monitor and ensure optimum progress and attainment for all pupils
  • A bilingual approach to communication; emphasis is placed on the learning of English for all children as well as the development of BSL
  • Inclusion in all aspects of the curriculum and school life, for all deaf children
  • Attendance at all school parents’ meetings and school events, by ARC teaching staff
  • Termly individual parent consultation meetings, sometimes in the home, to discuss pupil's individual learning targets and progress
  • Home visits, on request according to need.
  • Annual review meetings, with additional opportunities for year 5 and 6 pupils to support and inform families through transition options and processes
  • An offer of British Sign Language (BSL) classes for all families
  • Regular parent drop in sessions to support families, where information is shared about other local organisations and agencies such as Bradford Deaf Children's Society (BDCS), National Deaf Children’s Society (NDCS) and Prism youth club.
  • Home/ school liaison books 
Who is it for?
The ARC provides up to 20 places (Nursery to Y6). Pupils who access the provision and its resources will have deafness as their primary need have an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP). Some children may attend the ARC on an EHCP assessment place. 

How do I access it?
The ARC is part of Bradford Council’s provision for deaf children, and referrals are made through the Local Authority Special Educational Needs (SEN) Team.

How can I find out more?
Telephone: 01274 639049
Fax: 01274 627059
Address: Swain House Primary School, Radcliffe Avenue, Bradford, BD2 1JL.





Additionally Resourced Centre for the Deaf

  • Mission Statement
  • Introductory paragraph
  • Academic Achievement and Progress (1.1)
  • Assessment (1.2)
  • Assessment Place (1.3)
  • Audiology provision (1.4)
  • Communication (1.5)
  • Headline News (1.6)
  • Health and Education Care Plans (1.7)
  • HI Local Offer (1.8)
  • How to Help Your Child (1.9)
  • Links and Family Support (1.10)
  • Members of staff and contacts (1.11)
  • OFSTED feedback (1.12)
  • Performing Arts (1.13)
  • Personalised care (1.14)
  • Personalised Curriculum (1.15)
  • Policies (1.16)
  • Pupils and family views  (1.17)
  • PSPs (1.18)
  • Staff and Contacts (1.19)




(1.1) Academic Achievement and Progress

  • Blurb
  • Attainment and Progression reports (1.1a)
  • CASPA - Comparison and analysis of special pupil attainment (1.1b)
  • Progression Guidance (1.1c)

(1.2) Assessment

  • Blurb
  • Academic Assessment (1.2a)
  • ACE - Assessment of Comprehension Expression (1.2b)
  • CASPA - Comparison and analysis of special pupil attainment(1.1b)
  • HARPA - Hearing and age related phonic assessment (1.2d)
  • Progression Guidance (1.1c)

(1.3) Assessment Place

  • Copy of protocol

(1.4) Audiology Provision

  • Blurb
  • Clinic in School (1.4a)
  • Comfort Audio (1.4b)
  • Daily Checks (1.4c)
  • Education Audiologists (1.4d)
  • School Environment (1.4e)
  • Speech Tests (1.4f)

(1.5) Communication

  • Blurb
  • Policy (1.15)
  • BSL – British Sign Language (1.5a)
  • Auditory oral (1.5b)

(1.6) Headline News

  • Timeline of events with descriptions and photos

(1.7) Health and Education Care Plans

  • Description and examples

(1.8) HI Local Offer

  • Ranges

(1.9) How to Help Your Child

  • Blurb
  • SALT - Speech And Language Therapist (1.9a)
  • Homework (1.9b)
  • PSP (1.18)
  • Reading (1.9c)

(1.10) Links and Family Support

(1.11) Staff and Contacts

  • Blurb
  • Teachers of the Deaf (1.11a)
  • Specialist Support Workers (1.11b)
  • Deaf Instructors (1.11c)
  • Communication Support Workers (1.11d)
  • Speech and Language Therapists (1.11e)

(1.12) OFSTED Feedback

  • Reports

(1.13) Performing Arts

  • Blurb
  • Drama and Productions (1.13a)
  • Signing Choir (1.13b)

(1.14) Personalised Care

  • Feeding
  • Changing
  • Mobility
  • Medical forms

(1.15) Personalised Curriculum

  • Bespoke planning
  • IEPs – Individual Education Plans
  • What? - rationale
  • Why? - rationale

(1.16) Policies

  • Assessment
  • Children and families bill
  • Literacy
  • Communication
  • Intimate Care (1.16a)
  • Safeguarding (1.16a)
  • Attendance (1.16a)

(1.17) Pupils and Family Views

  • Testimonials

(1.18) PSPs

  • Rationale
  • Homework (1.18a)





(1.1a) Attainment and Progression Reports

  • Termly reports

(1.1b) CASPA

  • What is it?
  • Examples of achievement
  • Yearly updated CASPA cohort for reading, writing and maths

(1.1c) Progression Guidance

  • What it is
  • Plot children on guidance

(1.2a) Academic Assessment

  • What? When? How?

(1.2b) ACE

  • What? When? How?

(1.2d) HARPA

  • Explanation

(1.4a) Clinic in School

  • Bronte room pictures
  • Blurb re visits (when & who)
  • Pictures / introduction Alison and Rob
  • SR & JO responsibility & explanation
  • Permission letter & blurb

(1.4b) Comfort Audio

  • Description and picture
  • Flow chart showing the decision making process for comfort audio and FM

(1.4c) Daily Checks

  • Description
  • Help for minor repairs

(1.4d) Education Audiologist

  • Introduction of Anthony Limbet
  • Description of A Limbet role in school.

(1.4e) School Environment

  • Classrooms
  • Soundfields
  • Etc

(1.4f) Speech Tests

  • What? When? Why

(1.5a) BSL

  • Description
  • Link to DIs (1.11c)

(1.5b) Auditory Oral

  • Description

(1.9a) Speech And Language Therapist

  • Tips from SALT
  • Who are we (1.11e)

(1.9b) Homework

  • Tasks

(1.9c) Reading

  • Research
  • Tips






(1.11a) Teachers of the Deaf

  • Names, brief profile, responsibilities & photo

(1.11b) Specialist Support Workers

  • Names, brief profile, responsibilities & photo

(1.11c) Deaf Instructors

  • Names, brief profile, responsibilities & photo

(1.11d) Communication Support Workers

  • Names, brief profile, responsibilities & photo

(1.11e) Speech and Language Therapists

  • Names, brief profile, responsibilities & photo

(1.13a) Drama and Productions

  • Photos
  • Rationale

(1.13b) Signing Choir

  • Description
  • Photos