Swain House Primary School
Headteacher: Mrs Dianne Richardson

Pupils  »  "Well Done" Children  »  Summer 2019 (May to July)

12 July 2019
KS1 - Connor, Alayna, Sakina, Maiya, Millie, Andrew and Ayaan

Well done for your fantastic effort this week and all year round. Well done for always being kind and considerate and always having a smile on your face.
KS2 - Maria, Peter, Jamie, Larni, Zahra, Romae, Oliver, Danyaal and Harveer

Well done for your excellent attitude towards your work, you have all shown that you are ready to move on to your new year group.
28 June 2019
KS1 - Rosie, Charlie, Hasnain, Max, Ayman, Hadleigh and Morgan.

Well done for your fantastic effort in all your subjects. For showing great enthusiasm on your Times Table Rock Stars and your Dragon writing. Well done for always having a positive attitude.
KS2 - Ola, Hanna, Zain, Jayden, Charlie, eve, George, Aidan and Hassan. 

Well done for having a fanastic attitude towards your learning. It is great to see such positive progress being made even towards the end of term - Well Done!
14 June  2019
KS1 - Binyaameen, Kyle, Harvey, Haroon, Maddison, Logan and Bradley

Well done for your fantastic work in school, your excellent writing and hand writing, especially for achieving your silver pencil. Well done to you all your for fantastic work in phonics, we are so proud!
KS2 - Qasim, Riley-Jay, Isabelle, Rayhaan, Aleena, Ali, Brandon, Jolie-Mai and Mollie-Mae.

Well done for your excellent effort in all subjects, for being mature and showing how to behave and being a good role model.
07 June  2019
KS1 - Isobel, Riley, Olly, Jessica, Dylan, Roisin and George. 

Well done for all your fantastic work this week. Well done for your art and design work including your medieval castles and your mini beast hotel.
KS2 - Lucas, Eliza, Leah, Noah, Kaitlin, Lacey-Mai, Mazie, Jamie-Lee and Ellis. 

Well done for your hard work and effort this week, especially in maths. Well done for always being proactive and polite.
31 May 2019
KS1 - Olivia, Libby, Sophia, Alana, Logan-Lee, kaitlin and Rose. 

Well done for working hard in all your lessons, especially with your phonics. Well done for showing a great attitude towards learning and making the right choices all the time.
KS2 - Ameena, Darcy, Millie, Kizzie, Charlie, Zara, Carl, Ruby-Mai and Rhys. 

Well done for showing excellent effort in all your lessons, especially your biography writing and art work. Well done for your confident performances in your assemblies and your great display work.
17 May 2019
KS1 - Elijah, Keira, Dylan, Noah, Manveer, Riley and Millie

Well done for working hard all week on all your subjects. Well done for your amazing acting and art work and for being happy all the time.
KS2 - Logan, Rose, Robin, Kameron, Ruby, Ellie Mae, Haris, Jayden and Brooklyn. 

Well done for working hard all week, on all your subjects especially with your handwriting. Well done for your mature approach to the year 6 SATs.
10 May 2019
KS1 well done - Amelia, Devin, Wasee, Maiya, Serissa, Leo and Jaxon

Well done for working so hard in all your lessons, especially on your maths passports and writing. Well done for being so creative and your performances in your class assemblies.
KS2 well done - Millie, Aydin, Zoha, Harry, Safaah, Joshua and Alfie. 

Well done for your positive attitude to all your lessons and for some fantastic writing about our topic "Race to the Moon". Well done for the excellent preparation you have done for the Year 6 SATs and for being positive and always having a smile on your face.