Swain House Primary School
Headteacher: Mrs Dianne Richardson

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Look how creative we have been at home!

We have made insects using all sorts of different materials and presenting them in different ways. They are fantastic!

Look how creative we have been at home!

We have made flower pictures using all sorts of different materials. They are fantastic.

We loved making our Mothers Day cards. We are going to hide them safely until Sunday.

We learnt about how people used to defend their castles in the past. Then we made trebuchets using lolly sticks, bottle tops and ping pong balls. It was great fun testing them to see how far the balls would go.

Today we watched a clip about how to create a line drawing of a castle. Look at our amazing pictures.

We went on a fantastic school trip to Skipton Castle. It was great fun learning about the castle, and sharing what we had already learnt about castles at school with Peter, our guide.

In January we did a class assembly about Chinese New Year. This year it is the Year of the Rat. We had great fun making rat finger puppets, colouring pictures of rats, making a tree with blossom and eating Chinese sweets.

This term our theme is called Castles and Dragons! We were so creative with our holiday homework,. We made posters, leaflets and models to show our research.

Here we are acting out the things a page had to learn before they could become a knight.

Our theme is called Where Next Mr. Noah? In this theme we will learn about the continents and oceans in the world. We will also learn about animals that come from each of the continents. For our holiday homework we were given a continent and could choose to research any animal that comes from it. Look at our amazing work.

In anti-bullying week we came to school wearing odd socks. As part of our learning we designed our own odd socks.

As part of our Remembrance Day learning, we came to school dressed as evacuees, doctors, nurses, soldiers and firefighters. We learnt about the significance of the poppy and did some art work.

We have been learning about the story of Guy Fawkes and have been discussing ways to keep ourselves safe on Bonfire Night. We wrote a safety rule and used chalk to create a bonfire picture.

We have been learning about compass directions. We used a compass to find north. Then we drew a line pointing north and another line pointing east. We labelled the lines to show the direction they were pointing.

We listened to some bhangra music and had great fun learning some dance moves.

Percussion instruments

We have learnt that musical instruments can be grouped into families. We had a fantastic time exploring instruments form the percussion family. It was rather noisy!

Part part whole

We used a part part whole diagram to show number bonds. Then we wrote the number sentences on a whiteboard.


In our maths lessons we have been practising our counting. We choose a digit card and counted out the correct number of objects.

Henri Matisse

Our class is named after the French artist Henri Matisse. We created some snail pictures by "painting with scissors" like he did.