Swain House Primary School
Headteacher: Mrs Dianne Richardson

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Science - Vertebrates and Invertebrates

We learnt the difference between vertebrates and invertebrate sin our science lessons. We went on an invertebrate hunt through our school grounds to see what we could find. We found spiders, caterpillars, beetles, worms, centipedes and many more.

Science - Grouping living things

We used our knowledge of animal classes to group animals in different ways. We first grouped them according to their animal class first, then we grouped them according to their habitats.

Science - Grouping living things

We went on a hunt to find plants in our environment. We worked as a team to group them in many different ways.

Digestive Systems

We used household items to represent the different parts of the digestive system. We followed the journey of a banana and crackers through a human digestive system.


In music this half term, we looked at pulse and rhythms. We moved our bodies and sang in time with different types of music. We learnt and performed a rap titled 'Stop Bullying'. We even wrote our own verses to fit the rhythm and tempo of the song.

Tudor Theme Day

First we learn about Tudor schools and compared them to schools today. Next, we researched the family crest and shields that Tudor families displayed on armor and flags during battles and jousting. We researched our own families and created a new crest and shield to represent our families today. After, we created a new Tudor-style rose for our own family using tissue paper.


After using skittles, we moved onto using Base 10 equipment to divide 3 digit numbers. We learnt we has to regroup our hundreds into tens and tens into ones to compete it. We then drew it out on whiteboards to represent it. While we were completing these tasks, Mrs Temple showed us the written method on long division to help us.


We used Skittles to help us divide! We have 24 skittles and had to share and divide in a number of different ways.

Anglo Saxon and Viking Kings

We researched the kings that ruled Anglo Saxon times and then ordered them in groups. We then added interested facts about each king!

Science - Sound

In science, we learnt how sound travels through different materials. To test this, we made our own paper cups. We were very surprised at how clear we could hear each other!


Staff from Sports UK came and completed a Golf workshop ahead of our schools tournament. We learnt how to control the ball and hit it accurately and competed for points. Some of us even shone as future sports coaches!

Dreidels For Hanukkah

This week, we looked at the Jewish festival of Hanukkah in RE. We learnt about the story behind Hanukkah and how Jewish people celebrate. We discovered that a popular past time is paying with Dreidels. We designed our own and made them out of card. We then played with our classmates competing for skittles!

Brass Workshop

Helen Vardy, our Year 5 trumpet teacher came and spoke to us about our 'Proud To Be From Bradford' theme. Part of our theme was looking at the world famous Black Dyke Brass Band and Helen Vardy used to play for them! She told us all about her experiences travelling the world with them and performing in competitions internationally! She even performed for us and let us have a turn! We can wait for trumpets next year!

Performing our writing

We rewrote a version of 'The Balaclava Boys' and updated it to 'The Squishie Squad'. Once we had finished writing and editing our our stories, we published them into a book to go into the library. We rehearsed and performed our creations to our partners, making sure we used pauses, loud and quiet voices and actions effectively.

Cartwright Hall

We had an amazing day at Cartwright Hall! we were able to explore the galleries and sketch what we saw in our sketch books. Then we participated in a David Hockney workshop. We learnt lots about his art work and we even got to make our own!


We used the 'hot-seat' technique to find out more about the character from our story 'The Balaclava Boys'.

Roald Dahl

To help us find out about our class author, we quizzed each other on facts that we were given. We used these to write a Fact file about him!