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Making Fathers Day Cards

We have made Fathers Day cards to show our dads how much we love them.

Visit to Temple Newsam

On Friday 5th June Year 1 went to Temple Newsam in Leeds. In the morning Matisse class looked around the farm. We saw many different types of farm animals. After a delicious lunch we went into the House and took part in a Kings and Queens workshop. It was great fun making sparkly crowns and then Diane, the teacher, did a coronation ceremony for each of us. We enjoyed walking round the House like Kings and Queens. We saw some amazing rooms. What a fantastic day!

Sorting Farm Animals

To prepare for our visit to Temple Newsam in Leeds we worked in our trip groups sorting sets of farm animals. We sorted them to find the male, female, young and the habitat for each of the farm animals.

Knights, Dragons and Princesses

To launch our final topic in Year 1 "Knights, Dragons and Princesses" we used junk materials to create our own dragons. Look at the concentration on our faces.

Seaside Topic

To finish our Seaside topic we had a celebration afternoon where the seaside came to us! We paddled in the water-it was freezing! We built sandcastles, played with outside toys and had fun with large inflatable beach balls. Later on we went to the piazza for a lolly. What a great afternoon!

Watercolour Painting

We looked at the seaside watercolour paintings of Francine Savill. We used her ideas to inspire us. It was fun using watercolour paints for the first time.

Easter Cards

We enjoyed making our Easter cards. Do you like them?


In R.E. we learned about the Easter story. We synergised together to make an Easter garden. Can you see the tomb?

The Enormous Turnip

After reading the traditional story "The Enormous Turnip" we wanted to taste some turnip. So we followed instructions to make turnip soup, it was delicious!

Proud to be from Bradford

As part of our "Proud to be from Bradford" topic Year One visited Saltaire. We learned all about why Sir Titus Salt built Saltaire and what life was like for children 150 years ago. We enjoyed a guided tour around Saltaire and ate our dinner in Victoria Hall. After lunch we went to Robert's Park where we played in the play area, fed the ducks and went in the bandstand. We pretended to play musical instruments. It was a fun day.

Mothers' Day cards

We thought about why our Mums are special and about all the things our Mums do for us. We made Mothers' Day cards to take home. We are going to put a teabag inside so our Mums can enjoy a cup of tea!


We enjoyed reading the story Elmer by David McKee. Look at us pretending to be elephants.

Valentine's Cards

In English we read and followed instructions to make Valentine's cards. We gave them to someone we love.


We tasted different salad foods. Then we designed and made our own salads. Don't they look delicious!

African Landscape

In art we looked at an African landscape. We used chalks to create our own colourful landscapes.


In RE we learned about the spring Hindu festival of Holi. Do you like our colourful Holi cards.


In English we are learning about instructions. We read some instructions and followed them to make either a bookmark, a paper plate fish or some delicious milkshake.


In our computing lessons we learned how to program a Beebot. It was fun making the Beebots visit different places on the mats.

Traditional Stories

In English we have been reading traditional stories. We read The Enormous Turnip then we chose which character to be. We worked in groups to act out the story.

Green Fingers

Our new topic for Spring 2015 is called "Green Fingers!" We are going to learn about trees, plants and flowers. Our first investigation was called "What is a plant's favourite drink?" We put compost and cress seeds in a pot. We could choose which liquid to give to the cress seeds. There was orange squash, lemonade, coke, tea or water for the seeds to try. Watch the website to see what we find out.

Christmas Decoration

We developed our clay skills by making a Christmas decoration to put on Christmas trees at home.

Clay Sculptures

To finish our topic "How can we get this penguin home?" we used clay to create sculptures of penguins. We enjoyed painting them to make them look very realistic.

Christmas Party

Look at the fantastic time at our Christmas party. We played games, had some delicious party food and had a visit from Santa!

Counting Skills

We practised our counting skills when we played games.

Abundant Life Centre

We had the opportunity to go to the Abundant Life Centre and enjoy a sing-a-long performance of Frozen. We had a fantastic time and loved singing all the songs and meeting the characters. We had a look at the land of the stones and we even received a goody bag to take home.

Lost and Found

In the story Lost and Found the boy and the penguin travel to the South Pole in a boat. In science we have been learning about floating and sinking so now we know why their boat started to sink. We used our knowledge of materials to make a boat for the characters. We tested them in the water tray.


In the story Lost and Found the boy and the penguin go on a journey to Antarctica. We thought they might stop off at West Africa on their way. Using a picture to inspire us we imagined what the landscape could look like. We created our own landscapes with pastels. We are really proud of our work.

Lost and Found

We read the story Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers. We worked in groups thinking about adjectives we could use to describe the personality and the appearance of the boy and the penguin.

Floating and Sinking

In science we have been learning about floating and sinking. We predicted whether the objects would float or sink. Then we tested our predictions by putting the objects in water and observing what happened.

Children in Need

On Friday 14th November we came to school dressed as super heroes or in spots for Children in Need. Look at us enjoying our buns and having fun on this special day. We raised lots of money!

World War I

It is one hundred years since the start of World War I. This week we have learned about what life was like for children at that time. Today we came to school dressed as soldiers, nurses and children from 1914. We have also learned about the importance of poppies. Do you like our poppies?


We used our senses to investigate what we could find outside. In the classroom we worked in groups talking and writing about which senses we used.

Where Next Mr Noah?

To celebrate the end of our topic "Where Next Mr Noah?" we came to school dressed as animals. It was great fun.


In English we read an eBook about the seasons. We pretended that we were on an autumn ramble. We picked blackberries, found mini-beasts and noticed the colours of the leaves.

Mrs Bhutto

Year One and Two welcomed a visitor, Mrs Bhutto, to school. She taught us about the Festival of Diwali. It was very interesting and we enjoyed hearing the story of Rama and Sita.

Yorkshire Wildlife Park

On September 18th Year One visited Yorkshire Wildlife Park. We had a wonderful day learning about different animals.


Look at all the exciting things we like doing in Matisse classroom!

7 Habits

We learned about the 7 Habits during Leader in Me week.


Our new class is named after the French artist Matisse. He is famous for doing "cut out art". He called it painting with scissors. We created our own painting with scissors pictures like Matisse. Do you like the colours and shapes we made?