Swain House Primary School
Headteacher: Mrs Dianne Richardson

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Wildlife Area

As a reward for achieving our class target we chose to spend some time playing in the wildlife area.

Kings and Queens

On Tuesday 1st July we visited Temple Newsam in Leeds. First we did a Kings and Queens workshop where we made a crown and had a crowning ceremony. After that we learned about some of the people who used to live in the house and tried on their clothes. At lunchtime we enjoyed a picnic under the trees. In the afternoon we looked around Home Farm and played in the play area. We had a lovely day.

British Sign Language (BSL)

Today some of the deaf pupils came to our classroom to teach us some British Sign Language (BSL). We had to concentrate carefully to get the signs right.

Sound Experiment

We worked with our learning partners to do a sound experiment. First we tied a piece of string to a fork. Then we wound each end of the string around our fingers and knocked the fork against a chair. We listened to the sound. Next we did the same thing again but we put our fingers in our ears. The sound was different- Brandon thought it sounded like a triangle.


We celebrated the end of our FORCES Science topic by riding our bikes and scooters around the playground and talking about which forces we used to make them go and stop. We had a great learning experience even though we got very wet!


Year 1 have been learning about special people in Christianity. Today we learnt the story of Feeding the 5000. Here are the photographs of all Year 1 sharing 5 loaves and 2 fish. Ask your children to tell you the story and the miracle that Jesus performed.

Class Target

We have been trying really hard to achieve our class target. Finally we did it! To celebrate we had a picnic in the playground. It was fun but a bit windy; our crisps nearly blew away!

Farm Animals

We worked with our learning partners to think of sentences about farm animals. We tried to make them interesting by using great adjectives and verbs.

Street Dance

During our Street Dance lessons Chris taught us some Scottish dancing moves ready for our new topic next half term about Scotland and Katie Morag.

Where the Wild Things Are

In English we read the story Where the Wild Things Are. We thought about the ways the Wild Things might move. In our groups we practised our ideas, and then added some sound to them using the percussion instruments.

The Owl and the Pussy Cat

In English we read the story of The Owl and the Pussy Cat. We thought about what the island might have been like and what they would need there. To get about we wondered if there could be a bridge. We synergised in the planning, making and evaluating of our bridges. Aren't they great!

Peel Park Plant Nursery

We visited Peel Park Plant Nursery to find out where the plants we see on Bradford's roundabouts and verges are grown. The greenhouses were very hot and full of thousands of plants. Ryan also showed us the pond and some hens. We had an enjoyable afternoon.


We have been learning about Easter. We know that the Bible is a special book for Christians and about the importance of the cross. We made a our own Easter garden. We hope it grows!

Green Fingers

As part of our Green Fingers topic we have been learning about healthy eating and which foods come from plants. We designed, made and ate some salad. We liked eating these plants!

Sports Relief Fun

We raised some money for Sports Relief by running lots of laps around the field. It was tiring but fun!

Non-chronological Reports

In English we have been learning about non-chronological reports. We went to our school library to find some. We really enjoy reading and sharing books together.

Green Fingers

To launch our new topic, Green Fingers, we went on a Noticing Walk in the school grounds. We looked for signs of Spring.


In DT we have been busy designing and making puppets, kites and book marks. Do you like them?

Chinese New Year Assembly

We had fun getting ready for our Chinese New Year Assembly. The stir fry vegetables were very tasty!

Christmas Party

We had a great time at our Christmas party!


We read a Native American folk story called The Cherokee Little People. In the story one of the characters made cornbread. We wanted to know what it tasted like. So we made some in the Food Tech Room. It was delicious!


In English we have been learning to read and follow instructions. We made paper plate fish, friendship bracelets and decorated biscuits.


Mrs Bhutto came to visit our school to tell us about the Hindu festival of Diwali. We enjoyed hearing the story of Rama and Sita.

Road Safety

We learned about how to keep safe when we are near traffic.

World War 2

We dressed up as nurses, doctors, firefighters, and evacuees to commemorate World War 2. We made medals for people who had been brave.


In art we used black paper to show the dark of night. We used white paint, string or white chalk to show the nocturnal animals that might be out at night.

Children In Need

On Children In Need Day we wore our pyjamas for school. During the morning we enjoyed eating buns.

I Want My Mum

In English we enjoyed reading a story called I Want My Mum. It was about a snake called Jake who had lost his mum. At the end he found he had been on her all the time and he wasn't lost. We acted out the story. Do like the actions and emotions we are showing?

The Rainbow Fish

In RE we read the story of The Rainbow Fish. We thought about the ways we are special.


In Maths we practised our counting skills by playing a game.


In PE we have been learning about dance. We listened to a piece of music and thought about how we could move our bodies to it. We also used colourful streamers in our dance.

Henri Matisse

Our class is named after the French artist, Henri Matisse. He was famous for his bright coloured pictures. After looking at his work "The Snail" we did our own work in his style of "painting with scissors."

LAP Multi-skills Festival

A group of us represented the school at the LAP Multi-skills Festival. We had great fun, and enjoyed meeting and competing against children from other schools.