Swain House Primary School
Headteacher: Mrs Dianne Richardson

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Temple Newsam

We had a fantastic day at Temple Newsam. In the morning we looked around the farm and enjoyed playing in the play area. We had a picnic lunch under the trees. In the afternoon we went into the house to do a workshop about the traditional story, The Princess and the Pea. It was good fun.

Father's Day

It is Father's Day on Sunday. We are proud of the cards we made.

Football Fever

We have got Football Fever! To launch our new whole school topic celebrating the World Cup 2018 we did some research for our holiday homework about the countries that will be taking part in the competition. We are really proud of our creative work.


Today we did some problem solving in maths. We had a sort a set of pictures into order. We read the clues to work out where each picture should be. We learnt the words full, half full and empty. It was great fun and most of us managed to solve the problem.

Book Week

To celebrate the end of Book Week we came to school either dressed as our favourite book character or in our pyjamas ready for a bedtime story. We made bookmarks to use when we are reading.

Book Week

This week it is Book Week at school. We went on a visit to Eccleshill library to find out about how to join a library. The librarian read us a funny story and we had the chance to read books ourselves.

Castles and Dragons

Our new topic is called Castles and Dragons. Look at the fantastic research homework we did in the holidays to get ready for our learning.

Sports Relief

Friday 23rd March was Sports Relief. We ran a sponsored mile at school today. We hope to raise a lot of money for this important cause.

Soon it will be our class assembly about Chinese New Year. Here we are getting ready for it.
We achieved our class target! The treat we chose was to have some popcorn. They were delicious!

We read a non-fiction book about the seashore. Then we played the Tell Me More game so we could teach our friends more facts about seashore life.

Gracie the Lighthouse Cat

In English we read and enjoyed the story of Gracie the Lighthouse Cat. We acted out the main events, making sure we used the correct facial expressions and body language to show what was happening.

Floating and sinking

In science we have been learning about floating and sinking. We looked at different objects and predicted whether they would float or sink. Then we tested each one to find out if our predictions were correct.


On Friday 10th November we had a special day at school. We came to school dressed as soldiers, nurses, doctors, firefighters and evacuees. We learnt about Remembrance and the significance of poppies.

How Can We Get This Penguin Home

Our new topic is called How Can We Get This Penguin Home. For our half term holiday homework we did some resource about penguins. Our writing and models are amazing.

Tiger patterns

We have been learning about Asia. We learnt facts about tigers. We found out that all tiger patterns are different. We made our own tiger patterns by cutting strips of black paper and sticking them on to an orange background.


In science we have been solving a problem for Mr Noah. His feet were getting wet in the rain so we had to find out what material he should use to make a pair of boots. He needed a waterproof material. Here we are testing the materials on dolls. We found out that plastic is waterproof.


In our English lessons we have been reading a non-fiction book about the four seasons. After we had read the section about autumn we went on an autumn ramble in our school grounds. We found some signs of autumn. The next day we used pictures of some of the things we saw and played "rounders" making a collection of adjectives to describe them. We enjoyed writing our ideas on big sheets of paper with our own special pens.

On Friday 22nd September Year One went to Yorkshire Wildlife Park in Doncaster. We had a fantastic time seeing many different animals from all the continents in the world.

Here we are playing with some of the toys in our new classroom.
Our class is named after the artist Matisse. We looked at some picture that Matisse had done and then tried to do some some of our own like his. He called it "painting with scissors"