Swain House Primary School
Headteacher: Mrs Dianne Richardson

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On Friday 15th July we had a special science day in school. Year one learnt about gases. We did an experiment called The Giant's Fingers. We mixed vinegar and bicarbonate of soda together and watched how it reacted together to create a gas which filled the giant's glove. We made helicopter spinners and watched how they spun through the air. We also used bubble mixture to create different sized bubbles. It was great!

As part of our Castles and Dragons topic we learned about Montezuma Castle in North America. Here we are playing "Tell Me More", learning facts about this castle.

Year One visited Temple Newsam in Leeds.

We had a great time looking around the farm learning about the different animals that live there. After lunch we went into the house and met a teacher called Clare. She talked to us about crowns and then we made our own crowns. Next we pretended to be Kings and Queens as we walked around the house finding out about some of the rooms and the people who once lived there. It was a fantastic day!

It is nearly Father's Day. We thought about how our dads, grandads, uncles and other men who are important to us are very special. Do you like the cards we made for them?

The Easter Story

In RE we have learned about the Easter story. We practiced our drama skills when we acted it out. Then we used Habit 6 Synergise when we created our Easter Garden.

Sports Relief Run a Mile!

On Thursday 17th March the whole school was asked to collect sponsors to support Sport Relief. We came to school in our sporty clothes and run 5 times around the football pitch. It was great fun but rather tiring.

Bradford Industrial Museum

We went to the Bradford Industrial Museum and enjoyed being Toy Detectives. We saw some toys like the ones the Queen might have played with when she was a girl.

Happy Birthday Your Majesty

The whole school is working on a topic called "Happy Birthday Your Majesty". We have been learning about things that are precious. We thought that a crown would be precious to the Queen. In groups we synergised together making a new crown for her. We are really proud of the end results.


In maths we have been learning about shapes. We learned how to choose our own criteria and sort the shapes onto a Venn diagram.


In Maths we synergised together thinking of ways to sort a set of shapes. Look what we did.

Hindu Festival of Holi

In RE we have learned about the Hindu festival of Holi. Holi is a festival of colour so we have made some colourful cards to for Holi. Do you like them?

Chinese New Year

We really enjoyed getting ready and then performing our Class Assembly about Chinese New Year. Some of us were born in the year of the ox but most of us were born in the year of the tiger.

The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch

As part of out Be Careful of the Rocks topic we read the book The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch. We acted it out taking the roles of Mr Grinling, Mrs Grinling, Hamish the cat and the greedy seagulls.

Happy New Year!

In PSHE we learned about making new year resolutions. We used Habit 2- Begin With The End In Mind, to think about how we could change ourselves positively this year. We learned the phrase "turning over a new leaf". We wrote our resolutions on leaf shapes and put them together on a tree display to help us remember them. Let's hope we keep them all year.

Christmas Party

On Monday it was our Christmas party. We had so much fun. Everyone enjoyed the dancing especially the conga! Later on we had party food and played pass the parcel. Finally we had a special visitor- Santa! He left us lots of presents.

Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers

We read Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers. On their journey to Antarctica the boy and the penguin travelled south. They passed West Africa. In art we thought about what sort of landscape and colours they might see. We used oil pastels to create our landscapes.


In English we have been learning about instructions. We followed sets of instructions to make jam sandwiches, friendship bracelets or paper plate fish. We found out you had to follow the instructions in the correct order.


In science we have been learning about materials. We predicted whether objects would float or sink. Here we are finding out if we were right.

Children in Need

On Children in Need day we came to school dressed in spots or as superheroes! We really enjoyed the bun sale.

Today was a special day at school. To help us learn about the importance of Remembrance we came to school dressed as people from World War 1 and 2. During Assembly we had a two minutes silence.

We were asked to do some research about penguins for our half term holiday homework. Look at what we did. There are some fantastic models, posters, books and fact sheets.

Here we are working with a partner using a paint program on Purple Mash. We created pictures of anacondas. We have learned about habitat, diet and appearance.

Poor Mr Noah! His feet keep getting wet. We wanted to help him. So in science we needed to find out which materials were waterproof. We tested three different materials by putting them onto a doll's leg and then paddling the doll in water. We counted to 10 each time while the doll's foot was in the water to make the test fair. We found out that plastic is waterproof. Mr Noah needs plastic boots or shoes to keep his feet dry.

A visitor called Seema came to our school. She told Key Stage 1 the story of Rama and Sita. We also learned how Hindu people celebrate the festival of Diwali

Learning About Animals

We had a fantastic day learning about animals at Yorkshire Wildlife Park. It was great to see so many real wild animals. We learned about habitats, diet and which continents they were from.

We read the story "Who's Our New Teacher?" by Jeanne Willis. We thought about the characters and how they were feeling. We acted out the story trying to use great facial expressions.

We are in Year 1! Look at the fun we are having getting to know our new classroom.

We have been recognising numbers and counting in maths this week. Some of us have been outside in our new outdoor learning area.