Swain House Primary School
Headteacher: Mrs Dianne Richardson

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Shibden Hall

Year One went to Shibden Hall in Halifax to learn what it would have been like to have been a servant. We learned how to do the washing, how to clean and all about life 100 years ago. We had a picnic lunch in the shade of some big trees then went on the miniature railway. It was a fun day!

Father's Day

We thought about our Dads: what they do for us and why they are special. Then we made these Father's Day cards. Do you like them?


We went to visit Reception class to look at their chicks. The chicks hatched last week, they are very soft and fluffy. We learned how to handle them correctly. Soon the chicks will be going to live on a farm.


In RE we learned about Jesus and his miracles. We used mini people, a boat and blue paper to retell the story of Peter walking on water.

Rock Buns

We have made rock buns in the food tech room this term. We followed the recipe carefully.

Street Dance

We have started learning Street Dance with Andrea every Tuesday. We love it, and are already looking forward to doing our performance to the whole school at the end of term.

Science Week

In Science week we investigated different materials. We wanted to invent a new teabag so we found out which was the best material to make teabags.

DT Week

In DT week we worked together designing and making robots with junk materials.


At Easter we learned why people like to eat hot cross buns. We tried them, they were delicious!

Red Nose Day

On Red Nose Day we came to school in our pyjamas. After Assembly the whole school went outside for a sponsored Gangnam Style dance. It was great fun!

The Enormous Turnip

We read the traditional story "The Enormous Turnip". Afterwards we pretended to be the characters and acted it out. We learned a song about the turnip. Later on we thought of questions we would like to ask the Old Man from the story. We did some Hot Seating to find out the answers.

Green Fingers

To launch our new topic, "Green Fingers" we put on our wellies and went on a Big Dig! In the Wildlife Area we looked for signs of growth and then planted rowan and birch trees. We also weeded our raised beds and planted potatoes.


Have you ever heard of a sport called boccia? A coach called Mr Stewart taught us some techniques and tactics so we could play the game. We are going to practise these skills during our PE lessons this half term. Later on some of us will be selected to represent Swain House at a Boccia Festival where we will play against teams from other schools.


At the end of our Materials topic we used our knowledge of materials to decorate a teddy. We are proud of them.


We tasted different foods that could go into a salad. Some of us tried food that we had never had before. Then we decided which we would like to include in the salad we are going to make next week in the Food Tech Room. The choices we had were tomatoes, cucumber, spring onions, lettuce, radish, peppers, celery and betroot.

Chinese New Year

We learned about Chinese New Year and presented our learning in Assembly. Using chopsticks was great fun!


We enjoyed designing and making puppets. The joining techniques we used we sewing and sticking. Do you like them?

Food Tech

In the Food Tech room we cooked some eggs. We watched carefully to see how they changed as they were cooking. The we tasted the boiled, fried and scrambled eggs

Christmas Party

We really enjoyed our Christmas party. Look at the fun we had.

Children in Need Day

On Children in Need Day we enjoyed dressing up in spotty clothes and eating spotty buns.


We read and followed instructions to make friendship bracelets, paper plate fish or smiley face biscuits.


We learned about Remembrance and why people wear poppies. We dressed up as characters from World War 2.


In science we have investigated our senses. We went on a listening walk and heard many sounds. In the classroom we tasted sweet, salty and sour foods. We used our sense of smell to identify things. Magnifying glasses helped us to see things more closely. We guessed what things were just by our sense of touch.

Role Play

We read and enjoyed the story I want my Mum. We did some role play about it.

Our Classroom

Look at the fun things we do in our classroom.


We worked together to read the numbers and count the correct amount of cubes.

Investigated Drawing

In art we investigated drawing different lines with pencils, wax crayons, pencil crayons and chalks.

Henri Matisse

Our class is named after Henri Matisse. He is famous for doing "cut out art." He called it painting with scissors. We have painted with scissors too, do you like the results?

Harvest Assembly

This year our Harvest Assembly had a rainbow theme. Year 1 sang a song about the colour yellow.

Food Tech Room

We went to the Food Tech Room to make vegetable soup. Some of the ingredients were grown in our raised beds.

European Day of Languages

On European Day of Languages we learned about Holland. We came to school wearing red, white and blue: these are the colours of the Dutch flag. We drew flags, talked about Dutch national costume, made windmills and tasted edam cheese.


In RE we learned about Christenings.

Street Dance

Do you like our Street Dance poses?